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“Say Deeep” | Snowboarding Pow at Stevens Pass

February 29, 2012


Here’s a little teaser video from a recent press trip with the gang at Hayter Comms, they know how to do it –never a dull moment, and five feet of pow in five days. Stay tuned for more from this trip here at “the Traverse,” as well as, and Other outlets on […]

L.E.D. Outerwear x Night Snowboarding x Red Epic Camera

February 17, 2012


What do you get when you create a bespoke outerwear kit fastened with hundreds of L.E.D. lights, and then film said suit ripping powder in pitch black with a Red Epic camera? This… a dreamy visual stunt using only the glow of the suit as the primary light source. Directed: Jacob Sutton. Suit: John Spatcher. […]

Event Archives: Gatorade at Superpark 13

February 8, 2012


After watching the photos come in from last weekend’s Supernatural event, I was reminded of other high-profile snowboard events like Snowboarder Magazine’s annual Superpark event. This year will be the 16th, so stay tuned this spring to I was lucky to be a part of infamous number 13, when I was planning and executing […]

Supernatural Snow: Red Bull x Travis Rice

February 8, 2012


There’s no denying, and my wife will agree, last weekend I was glued to my Instagram photo stream. In particular, there were a dozen or so ‘grammers that convened together deep in the backcountry surrounding Nelson, British Columbia… at a place known in the Rocky Mountain Trench as Baldface Lodge. A premiere destination for backcountry […]

Ranking the Top 10 Resorts in New England

November 16, 2011


The rankings typically don’t lie, especially when it’s a democratic process and ‘the people’ make the final vote. Such is the case for an entertaining and intuitive poll over at, where they’ve created a Peoples Choice vote to determine the public’s top 10 mountain resorts. Check it out, and see where your favorite resorts […]

Burton’s ‘Big Picture’ and ‘Snow Porn’ from New Zealand

November 9, 2011


After fumbling around the web looking for a good dose of snow porn, while waiting for flakes to start flying here in Vermont, I stumbled onto these videos. Follow along with Jeff Curtes in “The Big Picture” as he walks you through Burton’s latest heli shoot from New Zealand, titled “Snow Porn,” featuring riders Kazuhiro Kokubo, […]

Dodge Vancat: Your Backcountry A-Team

November 2, 2011


This bad-boy can solve all of your ‘lifts are too crowded’ angst for the rest of the season, and perhaps lifetime –banking on the notion you have some land to play on, and you’re mechanically inclined. Although not street-legal, this Dodge Vancat (aka. Snow Ram) is definitely backcountry-legal. It has served as one of Peak Adventures‘ […]