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Supermoon Rising, Halley’s Falling

May 5, 2012


The ‘supermoon’ is blazing the horizon tonight with its bigger and brighter moonshine. [Maybe that’s why the boys were extra feisty today?!] During a quick bike ride to the corner store for weekend supplies, I saw the moon rising over the Junction cemetery. I booked-it home to grab my SLR and tripod, and took a […]

Rotor Concept: Camera Helicopter for DLSR & GoPro

April 19, 2012


This one, as a gear, gadget and camera nerd, was impossible to pass up. The bait, on my Twitter feed, was taken immediately: “@c5dnews: Article: NAB 2012: $900 Quad Copter for GoPro sized cameras.” A $900 camera helicopter? Yes, please. Looking to blow a few hundred of your tax return? Here’s an approved option. This […]

Aurora Borealis above Fairbanks, Alaska

April 13, 2012


After spending just short of a week in Fairbanks, Alaska, I’m back home reflecting upon some great memories and amazing images. In between red-eye naps and delayed flights, after two back-to-back sleepless northern lights nights, I’m borderline kooky. On assignment, I traveled to meet the GoPro production team to learn more about a scientific partnership […]

President Obama’s Touch-Down in Burlington, Vermont

March 30, 2012


So the story goes… I needed to run some errands during lunch break, and I thought I’d try to cross paths with Mr. President. I’d say it worked, indirectly. Slipping around the back side of the airport, I had hopes to catch Air Force One Two arriving from the southeast. With an iconic Vermont landmark […]

Tilt-Shifted: Surfing Tahiti & Coachella Festival

January 5, 2012


Making the interwebs rounds –as these should– are recent tilt-shift photographs by Tim McKenna. They’re amazing, and certainly one of the better examples and uses for the tilt-shift practice. For more about tilt-shift photography in the French Polynesia, visit McKenna’s site. Looking for some tilt-shift gear, check out B&H. About tilt-shift photography (and a sweet […]

Reverse Island Fever Hangover, Mon

December 7, 2011


As the headline suggests, I’m currently a bit hungover. Not as a result of heavy imbibing, not this time –although there was plenty of revelry involved to cause the pain I’m experiencing. The diagnosis: Reverse Island Fever. Typical island fever is described as “the realization that you are stuck on which ever island you are […]

‘Natural Playground’ Viewer’s Choice Winning Photo

November 23, 2011


It’s safe to say that when Nenad Saljic captured this image of cavers dropping into the mouth of Cave Mamet, he was making the most of his natural surroundings. It also helps that he’s an active caver and speleophotographer, a certified caving instructor and mountain rescuer, and has a Ph.D. in Economics. The latter of […]