“Exposure: In the Tank” | Justin Levinson & The Valcours

Posted on March 22, 2012


This episode of “Exposure: In the Tank” features Burlington-based singer/songwriter Justin Levinson and his power-pop crew The Valcours performing “Water Wears the Rock” live at Tank Studio in Burlington, Vermont.

There’s also a great interview with Levinson after the track, hosted by Zach duPont.



“EXPOSURE” is the longstanding live-performance radio show produced by WRUV 90.1 FM and the University of Vermont. Each week artists play live in either the radio station’s broadcast studio or at Tank Studio. The hour-long radio performance is then rebroadcasted within a two-hour program on the air –in Burlington on 90.1FM, and online at wruv.org.

“EXPOSURE: In the Tank” is an extension of the radio show, which features an hour-long live webcast of the performances and an online music video series. The webcast and video production is directed by Cortex (CortexNetwork.com), in a group collaboration with WRUV (WRUV.org) and Tank Studio (TankStudio.org).

This clip is a segment from the director’s cut, captured January 9, 2012.

Be sure to watch the feeds for upcoming live webcasts: @cortexnetwork and @thetankstudio.

Tune in to 90.1FM –in Burlington, VT– or WRUV.org on Wednesday nights at 6-8pm for the weekly “EXPOSURE” show.

Thanks to…

Justin Levinson & The Valcours: Simon Plumpton, Sean Witters, Joshua Glass and Seth Barbiero

Tank Studio: Ben Collette, Rob O’Dea

Cortex: Justin Gural, Eric Johnson

WRUV: Rob Caulk

VCAM: Bill Simmons, Seth Mobley

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