Gear Patrol “Breakthroughs”: Gear & Tech 10-Part Series

Posted on February 17, 2012


What gear and gadgetry is important to your active, everyday lifestyle?

Now, what critical technology –and its historic breakthrough– makes that gear tick?

These two questions, more or less, are the underlying goal behind a recent assignment working with the fun and creative team at Gear Patrol. The site’s focus is tailored around adventure, product and design, which also happens to be three of my favorite things too. It’s a fun match-up, to say the least, and if you’re like me, you’ll like this site too. Check it:

Titled “Breakthroughs,” we collectively created a laundry list of important products that we rely on to get us through the day –whether it’s a day at the office or a day off the grid. From there, we whittled it down to an initial 10 products and their key technology.

Gear and technology "Breakthroughs," a 10-part series at Photo:

Gear and technology “Breakthroughs,” a 10-part series at Photo:

Included below is the intro to the series, as well as links to the 10 features as they rolled out beginning February 15, 2011. Both Ben Bowers and Eric Yang, Gear Patrol founders and editors, contributed to each submission.

The spirit of innovation has almost always been about making life as we know it better, or at least a more pleasant experience. Sure, there have been some stutters like the weight-loss contraptions of the 50s, hydrogen blimps, and auto-tune, but these hysterical and sometimes horrific failures are mainly just bumps on a steady climb to improvement.

Given the pace of advancement today, though, it’s easy to get distracted by what’s out on the cutting edge and ignore the serious breakthroughs that made getting there possible in the first place. So to celebrate how far we’ve come, we’re rolling out a brief digest on ten historic innovations behind the products you love, as well as the brands responsible for bringing them mainstream. Think of it as an easy, daily lesson to remind yourself just how good we have it in this day and age.

Part 1: Vibram’s Vulcanized Rubber Soles

Part 2: Corning’s Gorilla Glass

Part 3: 3D Cinema

Part 4: Surround Sound

Part 5: Micro-Welded Seams

Part 6: Gaming Engine

Part 7: Tinted Eyewear

Part 8: DSLR Sensors

Part 9: Microprocessors

Part 10: Lithium-Ion Battery

What are we missing here? Chime-in on the comments…