NYC: Mountain Biking Diablo Bike Park

Posted on September 10, 2011


For the city that doesn’t sleep, it’s no easy task to detach from the routine and head for the hills.

Diablo Mountain Bike Park, at Mountain Creek, New Jersey.

Diablo Mountain Bike Park, at Mountain Creek, New Jersey. (Photo: Brumski/mtbr)

Lucky for outdoor heads living in the New York City metro area, there are a handful of areas that serve-up a healthy dose of fresh air, open space and singletrack –all within a few hours drive.

Known for their year-round dedication to flying downhill, Mountain Creek is New York’s closest ski resort. Featuring the regions highest vertical feet, 41 trails, 100% snowmaking coverage, and 100% night skiing and riding, the resort has all the amenities to cater to the Big City expectations while also delivering a bountiful selection of outdoor activities –including the resort’s renowned Diablo Mountain Bike Park.

Encompassing almost the entirety of the resort’s 40 ski trails, Mountain Creek has made a name for itself as a destination for downhill and cross-country riders. The park hosts premier events such as the U.S. Open of Mountain Biking, as well as its signature Diablo Gravity Series. Tens of thousands of riders and revelers flock to the Bike Park each season, and it provides arguably the best mountain biking in the NYC metro area.

1. Distance to New York – 56 Miles

2. Length of season – May – October

3. Available Terrain – 40 Trails

4. Cost for access (tickets, etc) – $40 Full Day

5. Expert factor (1 beginnier 5 expert) – 3.5