Los Angeles: Kayaking the Channel Islands

Posted on September 10, 2011


Located just off the coast of Ventura Harbor, California, the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary encompasses six nautical miles of amazing sea kayaking and marine exploration.

Kayaking the Channel Islands, California.

Kayaking the Channel Islands, California. (Photo: southwindkayaks.com)

The five main islands –San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Anacapa, and Santa Barbara– were designated as Channel Islands National Park in 1980, and its year-round Mediterranean-style climate fosters an amazing array of wildlife from blue whales to bald eagles. In fact, this particular park has more endangered species that only exist within this park than any other unit of the National Park Service.

Channel Islands Kayak Center, who operates year-round kayaking tours and rentals within the Channel Islands region, is based out of Ventura Harbor. They offer both private and group tours, which includes gear, guides and transportation.

One of the main attractions in the park are the hundreds of basalt caves along the coastline, with Anacapa Island –the eastern-most island– offering some of the best explorable caves.

For an amazing weekend escape from the Los Angeles area, the Channel Islands provide a place where you can step back in time and experience coastal southern California the way it once was.

1. Distance to Los Angeles – 90 Miles (65 Drive, 25 Boat)

2. Length of season – Year-Round

3. Available Terrain – 8 Islands, 350 Sq.Mi.

4. Cost for access (tour, etc) – $199 / Person Tour

5. Expert factor (1 beginnier 5 expert) – 2.5