Reflections from “30 Hours of Art,” BCA Festival of Fools

Posted on August 8, 2011


Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, and its inspiration can come and go depending upon a number of factors: influences, vision, state-of-mind, location, physical elements, materials, wants, needs, etc., etc.

Recently, during an amazing –and completely inspiring– project with Burlington City Arts (BCA) during their annual Festival of Fools carnival-like weekend street fair, sleep deprivation came into play as my inspiration for creativity.

Titled “30 Hours of Art,” which entailed a 30-hour large-format community-driven art installation on the exterior of BCA’s flagship gallery and community space, I produced and filmed a webcast, shot time-lapse video and took photos at the event with Cortex… and from start to finish I was awake for just under 41 hours (Friday, 7am – Sunday, 12am).

Artist and installation leader Abby Manock created the overall theme and mural template with creative partner Dre Falzarano, and I can’t think of two likeminded strangers that I would’ve rather shared this unique experience. We all walked away with a little more monkey in our step, and bananas in our brain.

This photo, taken around 3:45 a.m. on Saturday, August 6, 2011, captures a reflective moment for me during the marathon –both through imagery and mentality.

Ambient Reflections, Burlington City Arts, Festival of Fools, 30 Hours of Art

After painting a segment of the Banana mural for an hour or so with the two passersby in this photo, I took a stroll through the empty park. Painting helped pass the time, and frankly, it was one of two activities that didn’t evoke tired thoughts –not counting caffeine and conversation. The others were watching the bar and pub action on Church Street –which by this point was empty through the alley in the background– and walking around the park. Two days later, the legs are still a little sore.

After taking a seat to rest said legs, just over 12 hours into the project, this frame popped out at me. Transe-like ripples physically carried reflections of the brilliantly-colored murals across City Hall Park’s infamous water fountain… the same fountain who’s resounding “splash” echoed through the park and subliminally inspired the creativity during this moment of capture. Which for me, was a recharging moment that led to a fluid and effortless transition from night into dawn –only an hour away.

Quite a few entertaining folks stopped by to brush a few strokes on the canvas overnight, not to mention the energizing crowds throughout Festival of Fools and Burlington’s farmer’s market.

Check back for more images from the 30-hour installation, as well as edited segments from the webcast.

Sunrise, 30 Hours of Art
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