Derringer Cycles Bespoke Collection

Posted on August 1, 2011


Derringer Cycles Bespoke Collection

Derringer Cycles Bespoke Collection

If you’ve been mildly considering the notion of buying a moped for minor around-town commuting, but you can’t come to terms with actually owning a ‘no-ped,’ then this moto-hybrid should absolutely be on your radar.

Los Angeles-based Derringer Cycles has made a name for themselves by crafting superbly-creative –and 100% custom– moto bikes for clients around the globe. Their bikes embody the original incarnation of the bicycle, when engineers first started to integrate motors to their frames. And their style readily suits the early days of two-wheeled motorsports.

According to Derringer no two are alike, but of course the mechanical specs are pretty straightforward across the board: moto-hybrid drivetrain, 49cc four-strike engine that can go up to 180 miles on a single gallon, GGB gearbox with a centrifugal clutch, 70mm drum front brake, coaster rear brake and freewheel that lets the pedals stay stationary while the engine’s running you around town.

With an addition of panniers and lights, not to mention road goggles and a leather vest to match the era, this is your next eco-friendly warm weather chariot.

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