Guillemot Handmade Wooden Kayaks and Canoes

Posted on July 10, 2011


If you’re in the market for a wooden kayak, and you have some time on your hands for a sea-worthy hobby, then look no further than Guillemot Kayaks.

Guillemot Handmade Wooden Kayaks. Photo:

Guillemot Handmade Wooden Kayaks. Photo:

As the hobby-turned-business of ex-US Navy engineer Nick Schade, Guillemot was officially launched in 1993 and they’ve since perfected the art and construction of strip-built kayaks that are as beautiful as they are functional. In fact, Schade has written a book about the subject, titled “The Strip-Built Sea Kayak,” and one of his kayaks —the Night Heron— was accepted into the Museum of Modern Art in 1998.

Visit and to browse through the Guillemot catalog and pick your next functional-work-of-art hobby.

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