November 6, 2013
November 6, 2012

“Down River,” a Mountain Bike Adventure

June 4, 2012


"Down River," A Mountain Bike Adventure.

If you have an itching for adventure via boat and bike, look no further –the team at Diamondback Bikes put together this gem. Only problem we see with this jaunt, we didn’t get invited! From the team: The town of Green River, Utah has been on the MTB radar for over 10 years now. Many […]

Supermoon Rising, Halley’s Falling

May 5, 2012


Supermoon rising over Essex Junction, Vermont. Photo: Justin Gural / @theTraverse

The ‘supermoon’ is blazing the horizon tonight with its bigger and brighter moonshine. [Maybe that’s why the boys were extra feisty today?!] During a quick bike ride to the corner store for weekend supplies, I saw the moon rising over the Junction cemetery. I booked-it home to grab my SLR and tripod, and took a […]

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The Stealthbike: BME X-9 Nighthawk

May 1, 2012


BME X-9 Nighthawk

The X-9 Nighthawk from BME is a singlespeed, belt-driven stealth bomber. The first fully assembled frame was first presented at Berliner Fahrradshau in Berlin in March 2012, and needless to say, upon design alone, it has turned some heads. It’s constructed using a new, experimental frame made out of sandwiched honeycomb-core panels wrapped with carbon […]

Rotor Concept: Camera Helicopter for DLSR & GoPro

April 19, 2012


Rotor Concept HPQ2 Camera Quadcopter

This one, as a gear, gadget and camera nerd, was impossible to pass up. The bait, on my Twitter feed, was taken immediately: “@c5dnews: Article: NAB 2012: $900 Quad Copter for GoPro sized cameras.” A $900 camera helicopter? Yes, please. Looking to blow a few hundred of your tax return? Here’s an approved option. This […]

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Aurora Borealis above Fairbanks, Alaska

April 13, 2012


The Aurora Borealis. A double-overhead version of the Northern Lights. Photo: Justin Gural // JAG::PHOTO

After spending just short of a week in Fairbanks, Alaska, I’m back home reflecting upon some great memories and amazing images. In between red-eye naps and delayed flights, after two back-to-back sleepless northern lights nights, I’m borderline kooky. On assignment, I traveled to meet the GoPro production team to learn more about a scientific partnership […]